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Disclaimer:  Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.

Mr. Barrett showed professionalism, honesty and tact in representing me.  I was on vacation from another county when the occurrence happened.  Mr. Barrett was prompt in supporting me on all accounts.  He knew what needed to be done and handled all my appointments and paperwork while I traveled back to my home.  He kept me informed step-by-step and worked with me the entire duration.  He studied the facts of my case and was honest with his findings and thoughts.  When it came to the trial he was ready to represent me.  I appreciate his dedication, hard work and time he spent on my case.  I would highly recommend Mr. Barrett and will hire him in the future if the need arises.


Mr. Barrett is outstanding in all areas.  He represents the highest standards of scholarship and professionalism.  Don is widely respected by fellow attorneys and the courts.  He is thorough, considerate, compassionate and completely competent.  At every turn he kept us informed and treated us with dignity, understanding and whole-hearted commitment.  My wife and I would recommend Don Barrett unconditionally.  He is simply the best! 


Donald Barrett represented my son, who was arrested while a student in Key West, on very serious charges that could have altered his entire future.  Donald Barrett listened to my son’s story, and we completely trusted him from the beginning.  After Mr. Barrett's excellent representation, all charges against my son were dropped.  My son and I cannot thank him enough.


I highly recommend Mr. Barrett to anyone needing a criminal defense attorney.  The justice system doesn't always work, and sometimes people who are innocent get charged with serious offenses that can have serious and permanent consequences.  I will say when I did need a criminal defense attorney I was fortunate enough to have hired Mr. Barrett.  He has an excellent reputation, and his demeanor and personality exude confidence and a calmness that helps reduce anxiety as he handles everything necessary to best defend you.  Mr. Barrett made the best out of a bad situation for me, and my life is now back to normal as though none of this ever happened.  I would highly recommend anyone in the need of a good criminal defense attorney to retain Mr. Barrett as counsel.  His fees are very reasonable, and he is worth every penny.


I hired Don Barrett back in 2010 for an issue I got involved with in the Keys.  I was charged with 3 felonies and was very upset – one of the toughest times in my life.  Throughout this two-year case I had a lot of emotional issues, and Mr. Barrett was there for me every time.  I'm not just writing this review because Mr. Barrett beat all 3 felonies and help clear my good name, but the little things, really listening to me and on top of every issue throughout the case.  His fee was very fair.  If you’re in trouble, this is your man.  The best attorney in Florida located in Key West.  


I hired Don Barrett after a night out in Key West that resulted in serious charges. I did not live in Florida, and consulting with attorneys over the phone was a challenge. However, over the phone Don patiently listened to my story, asked concise questions and told me what he thought the best case scenario would be. He instantly put me at ease. His fees were in line with other attorneys in the area, but I would have paid more for the personal attention and effort he put into my case. Don communicated every step of the way via phone and email, always keeping me informed of my options as the case developed. Don was always prepared to discuss my case, always made time for me and always dutifully and thoroughly answered my emails. My recommendation would always be to stay out of trouble in Key West - BUT if you find yourself in a situation beyond your control, you want an attorney like Don Barrett. He is honest, prepared and professional and will be realistic about what he can do for you. Don is a straight shooter – someone you want on your side when the stakes are high.


I have hired Mr. Barrett on three occasions - initially to represent me on a serious criminal case; then after he had negotiated a very favorable plea agreement that included probation I hired him again to assist me with a potential probation violation, which he successfully resolved for me; and lastly I hired him to represent my son when he was arrested on criminal charges.  At our first meeting Mr. Barrett impressed me with his calm and thoughtful demeanor and his straightforward and honest assessment of my situation.  Throughout his handling of my case, which included lengthy depositions and repeated negotiations with the prosecutor who was handling my case, he continued to impress me with his timely responses to my inquiries, his unhurried manner and willingness to listen during our meetings, and the well-prepared and relevant questions he asked during the depositions of the police officers involved in my case.  His inside knowledge of the State Attorney's office was a definite help as well.  He negotiated a very favorable plea agreement for me, and when I was subsequently faced with a violation of probation, basically on a technicality, but with the possibility of going to jail, I was impressed again by how thoroughly he prepared for court appearances and how compellingly he argued my case before the judge.  He was able to obtain the best possible outcome for me on both of these occasions.  The last time I hired Mr. Barrett was to represent my son at his arraignment on a juvenile case, and he was able to secure his early release from detention and arrange for his entry into a diversionary program.  Mr. Barrett is in every respect the finest lawyer with whom I have worked.  He completely defies the stereotype of the "sleazy" criminal defense attorney.  It is clear that he is committed both to excellence and ethics.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney who is personable, knowledgeable, courteous and responsive to his clients.  I cannot think of one thing that he could have done better in his handling of my cases.


I retained Mr. Barrett a couple years back after a wrongful stop that resulted in an alleged DUI.  I am a USCG licensed captain with masters and tow.  This could have ruined my whole career.  Mr. Barrett handled my case like it was the only one he had.  I met with countless other lawyers that took everything that came their way, and I realized that when your life and career are on the line you get what you pay for.  Not only was Mr. Barrett's retainer affordable and consistent with lawyers nationwide of his caliber, but the amount of effort that went into my case was amazing.  The end result was the entire case being dismissed.  Mr. Barrett does not fill his clients with false hope, and he is a straight shooter.  He dissected every aspect of my case.  We are often caught in situations that are out of our control, and it was nice to have Donald on my side completely in control.


Mr. Barrett and his office were great to work with.  They were fast to respond and professional.  I was able to contact them at any time and get answers to all of my questions.  Mr. Barrett was very knowledgeable about the details of my case, the applicable laws and the trial process.  I was able to completely trust Mr. Barrett throughout the entire process, and we came out on top.  I can't imagine working with anyone else.


Being charged for a DUI offense was one of the most embarrassing and stressful experiences I had to go through.  On top of that, I was out of state and had a very tight deadline to pick an attorney.  Donald was available right from the get go.  I phone-interviewed all of the attorneys with the highest ratings; however, none of them could match the knowledge, availability and general comfort level that Donald was able to provide.  I was arrested for DUI as a result of a traffic stop due to speeding in excess of 55 mph.  Don clearly explained all of the possible scenarios and outcomes.  Regarding any questions I had or updates that I would get, I was working with Donald himself (not staff or a paralegal).  Don was always available to respond to all of my emails and phone calls within 24 hours while keeping me updated on the progress of the case (unlike many of the reviews that I encountered where you are important until your payment for the case goes through).  After five months of court appearances that I personally did not even attend, the DUI charge was completely dismissed.  Furthermore, Don was able to completely dismiss my speeding ticket.  He handled the case like it was his only one.  Having said that, you reading this review probably means that you might not be in the best circumstances at the moment; therefore, the best advice I can give you as an EXTREMELY satisfied client of Donald’s is PICK UP THE PHONE, IT IS ALL THE DIFFERENCE THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!


I chose Donald after meeting several attorneys in the Key West area.  Donald's price point was a bit higher than the other attorneys I met with, but he came off as the most professional and was the only attorney who could outline his tentative game plan based on the details I set in front of him.  All others wanted the "money in" before we could go over any form of strategy.  Donald's knowledge of case law and the pending legal actions occurring in the state of Florida, particularly Monroe County, kept me well informed on similar cases and actions that could have an effect on my options.  In the end, Donald managed to litigate to the point where I felt my rights were protected, and I was extremely satisfied with the end result.  If in need of legal counsel in Key West or the Florida Keys, I highly recommend Donald.


I was looking at a DUI, resisting arrest, reckless driving and 4 felonies.  With Donald Barrett representing me I was able to get 6 of 7 charges dismissed and walked with a Reckless Driving.  It was a painful ride, and there were stipulations in order for the charges to be dropped, but the outcome couldn't have been better.  I have seen many people go through similar situations only to end up with multiple charges and even jail time.  I highly recommend Donald Barrett to anyone needing representation – he was helpful, honest and trustworthy, and I feel confident he will get you the best results.


I also retained local defense attorney Donald Barrett.  He provided excellent service, professionalism and advice.


Probably the best lawyer actually situated in the Keys.  Knows the landscape well and is extremely fair, reasonable and pragmatic.  I had a case that was blown way out of proportion by the State Attorney’s Office.  Don Barrett helped resolve the case in the best manner possible since I lived outside the country.  His background as a prosecutor in the Keys helped quite a bit.  I wouldn’t use anyone in the Keys except Don Barrett.


Donald Barrett did a great job, was very professional, and everything worked out better than I even expected.  He was able to get all of my charges dropped.


I was stopped for speeding, but the state trooper decided to proceed with a DUI investigation despite no visible indications while observing my driving prior to pulling over and no issues providing the info he requested.  I failed a field sobriety test, and at age 65 I would never be able to pass the test on my best day.  The trooper instructed me to drive to a more secure location where he again put me through more field sobriety exercises.  I did not pass, and he arrested me for DUI.  I was over .08 (the legal limit).  I secured Mr. Barrett’s services and found his fees in line with comparable attorneys.  He immediately saw serious flaws in the trooper’s arrest and eventually had all the charges dropped by the State, as there was no valid reason to begin a DUI investigation.  Mr. Barrett was at all times prepared, punctual and professional.  He came across confident in his court appearances.  I could not recommend him more highly.   


Me and a few colleagues were involved in an incident a few years ago. Not only was my case resolved in the quickest and most favorable manner of the three cases, but also, Mr. Barrett offered to help me with my expungement at no extra charge. Unlike other lawyers that I have worked with in the past, he has been extremely responsive, keeping me updated every step of the way. I currently live in a foreign country, making it difficult for me to obtain the documents required for my expungement. However, he has gone well beyond the call of duty and personally helped me to obtain any documents necessary. I would highly recommend him to any one in need of lawyer. His work ethic and code of conduct ensures that your case is resolved in the most favorable manner possible. In contrast to the majority of lawyers, he is not overly concerned with monetary compensation, but instead, genuinely cares for the well-being of his clients.


Mr. Barrett took my case immediately upon completion of our initial consultation. My case took over 18 months until the final resolution and Mr. Barrett kept me informed every step of the via e-mails, texts and telephone calls. I have observed Mr. Barrett in court and he presents very professionally and eloquently. I would have no qualms referring my family and friends to Mr. Barrett for any and all of their legal needs.